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Updated: Sep 13, 2020

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Today I'm beginning a new journey and I invite you to join me! Don't worry I'll explain soon what that journey is and what this blog is all about, but before that let me introduce myself.

My name is Angelica and in a few days I'll be 27 (I still can't believe it, I feel so much younger haha). I work as a project coordinator for a tech company. I love it because I get to work with labs and help them use our software to make their day to day work alooot smoother. But my real passion begins after work! In the past 4 years I mentored a group of college students with a team to help them navigate life and their Christian faith all the way from their freshman year till they graduated. It was very special to me to see them grow and mature over those 4 years. As I'm writing this I can't help but think "I love my life." That doesn't mean I haven't gone through periods of anxiety, discouragement, depression, etc. To be honest just a few days ago I was feeling anxious about my future but as I'm writing this and having to think about my life, I'm amazed that I am where I am today.

I never in a million years would have imagined myself mentoring anyone or pursuing the career path that I am in now and especially would never have imagined myself starting a blog. Yet here I am writing my first blog post!

I first started thinking about starting this blog after listening to a song called Wake Up by NF that talks about people who are not really living but it's like they're in a dream and they can't escape it. These are the lyrics that stood out to me and got me thinking about this topic of what it means to really live:

"You spend your life in a dream that you can't escape

'Cause you live your life in a coma, you're never awake"

I love listening to music, reading and watching movies and after listening to those lyrics I started noticing a common theme across different songs, movies and books. Many talked about this sense of feeling lost/empty or feeling like you're not really living. What does it mean to really live and if we really are spending our "life in a dream that [we] can't escape" then how can we wake up and experience real life?

The reason I said I can't believe I am where I am today is because those lyrics exactly describe me when I was in middle school and high school. I had many family and friends in my life yet I felt so disconnected. There were many things I desired or even had yet I felt a sense of emptiness and wondering what is the purpose of all this? I truly felt like I was in a dream and that there was something more to life that I just didn't have. If I felt this way and if so many people out there are writing and singing about this then I'm sure there are many more people out there feeling the same way yet not knowing where to go or what to do. I started this blog because I want to create a community where we can discuss and explore these kind of topics about life and purpose together and what does it look like to really live. I hope we can explore this journey together and share advice, pose new questions to explore. As this is my first time ever starting a blog I'm still not sure how exactly my posts will look like but for the first few I wanted to go deeper into the content of different songs and books and explore how they can have an impact in our lives. I also want to share some practical advice that I've applied in my life from different documentaries and TED talks.

So for all those out there-whether you're in college, recently graduated or it has been a while since you graduated-if you're at a point in you're life where you are still making some of the most important decisions in your life like who do you want to be as a person, what do you want to invest in and what do you want your life to be about I invite you to join me on this journey. Chances are you have felt or are feeling the same way I felt as described by "Wake Up" lyrics. Join me in searching for answers or sharing your own experience and answers you have found. You can leave comments below or contact me directly whether that be ways in which you relate, questions you may have, advice you want to share, or even ways in which you may disagree. Any of your input is welcome as I hope to create a place for open discussion and find answers together. Let's do this!

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